Wiring Nightmares

We found a hull… We repaired it, we applied fresh gel coat…. We found a boat trailer, rebuilt it, got new tires, new wiring… We rebuild a new floor and I installed new hull liner and carpet on the inside of the hull.  Wolf made the new wood for the rails and seat mounts. We […]

Time Off

Finally I feel like I can breathe.  I actually have nothing on my plate to worry about…. no deadlines no schedules, no overwhelming workload… the only thing I have to think about is cleaning and gardening. My First thought today – boy do I have a lot to clean.  After running for so long from […]

Making Hay while the Sun Shines

No matter how hard I try or how hard we work, I just don’t seem to get any free time.  A day off from work in nothing more than a cleaning marathon, trying to get my life in order so we can go again (and so the apartment doesn’t look like a crack head lives […]

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