Another Plan

A few weeks ago we were so swamped with work and impending deadlines that we had no time for anything.  We talked to the farmer who farms our land and told him we’d have no time for a garden this year. I was really not happy with the decision.  I love gardening and I really […]

From Zombies to Turkeys

The last few weeks have gone by in a flash.  When you’re working hard or playing hard time seems to fly.  All of the sudden Halloween is over and Thanksgiving is on it’s way.  Next thing you know it’ll be New Years and 2014 will have begun.  Halloween was nice, little man was a zombie […]

A Tennessee Wedding

Saturday was the wedding.  It was beautiful.  The blushing bride was gorgeous, the groom was proud, the church on the mountain side was perfect, and the weather couldn’t have been better. Lots of friends and family made the 12 hour trek from the Eastern Shore of Maryland to Cleveland, Tennessee.  Many of us chose to pop […]

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