A Tennessee Wedding

Saturday was the wedding.  It was beautiful.  The blushing bride was gorgeous, the groom was proud, the church on the mountain side was perfect, and the weather couldn’t have been better. Lots of friends and family made the 12 hour trek from the Eastern Shore of Maryland to Cleveland, Tennessee.  Many of us chose to pop […]

TST #196 Two Thoughts on Tuesday

And we’re home.  And this home coming is bittersweet.  As much as I love seeing my family and friends I can’t help but think about who’s missing… my farm dogs.  We lost Timber, our real farm dog in February 2011.  She passed away the morning we flew home from Mexico.  It was completely unexpected and […]

TST #168 – Two Thoughts on Tuesday

I’m cold. Not like rude-cold, cold cold. It was 50 degrees here last night.  It seems like only yesterday I was baking hot looking for an air conditioned spot to relax in, this morning I’m in search of a hot cup of coffee, pants, and a hoodie.   It’s the time of year here where you […]

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