Wiring Nightmares

We found a hull… We repaired it, we applied fresh gel coat…. We found a boat trailer, rebuilt it, got new tires, new wiring… We rebuild a new floor and I installed new hull liner and carpet on the inside of the hull.  Wolf made the new wood for the rails and seat mounts. We […]

Another Plan

A few weeks ago we were so swamped with work and impending deadlines that we had no time for anything.  We talked to the farmer who farms our land and told him we’d have no time for a garden this year. I was really not happy with the decision.  I love gardening and I really […]

Crappy Monday – Awesome Week

So, another winter storm is heading this way… I know you’re jealous of our 20 and 30 something degree temperatures and the threat of blizzard condition snow tomorrow.  Yep, it’s Monday night and I’m complaining about the weather again.  I just wish spring would arrive and stay!  *sigh*  There’s always next week I suppose. After […]

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