Christmas Spirit on the Jobsite

New Traditions are cool things, this year we started a new one with Little Man – going to a tree farm and cutting down the perfect Christmas tree.  Nope, no fake trees for him and his dad! The tree they picked out was too big for the house so the top couple feet was trimmed.  […]

From Zombies to Turkeys

The last few weeks have gone by in a flash.  When you’re working hard or playing hard time seems to fly.  All of the sudden Halloween is over and Thanksgiving is on it’s way.  Next thing you know it’ll be New Years and 2014 will have begun.  Halloween was nice, little man was a zombie […]

Christmas 2012

  It’s amazing how fast Christmas can sneak up on you 🙂  It seems like just yesterday we pulled into Jacksonville Beach planning on staying a month.  Now it’s 4 days till we pull out and resume our state of transience, floating down the river – hopefully South… I totally spaced yesterday and forgot all […]

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