Another Plan

A few weeks ago we were so swamped with work and impending deadlines that we had no time for anything.  We talked to the farmer who farms our land and told him we’d have no time for a garden this year. I was really not happy with the decision.  I love gardening and I really […]

Fall is in the Air

I hope you all enjoyed your long weekend.  I know  I did.  We actually slept in until 11:30 yesterday – however that took some creative black out curtaining so we wouldn’t know the sun was up.  The only thing about a long weekend is that it never seems long enough.  By the time you get to […]

As the Garden Grows

This year’s garden is coming along very nicely.  I’ve already started pulling yellow squash and zucchini off the vine.  Some of the zucchini are huge, like football sized, big enough to feed a small family off of one!  Then weeding on Sunday we discovered that the green beans are ready to start picking, not a […]

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