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I grew up in a place called Baytown in the suburbs of Houston Texas. In 1995 my family moved to the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

I worked in the family remodeling and cabinet shop for a long time so when it was time for college I chose Architectural Engineering. My knowledge and experience was an asset to the family business, but I never really wanted to “Swing a hammer” forever.

So I started selling books online through Amazon. Which led to me opening a book store which evolved into a coffee shop.

I started to blog and create websites with Wolfbernz, and decided to close the shop and take the book business home.

Then the books got put on the back burner and eventually faded out as the next chapter in my life started to explode.

After a long trip on a sail boat to Mexico I questioned everything about my life from how extravagantly I lived to what I did from day to day.  I discovered that talent is a terrible thing to waste and construction calls to me and aside from my espresso machine I don’t need  things to make me happy.

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Where will tomorrow lead?

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