Time Off

Finally I feel like I can breathe.  I actually have nothing on my plate to worry about…. no deadlines no schedules, no overwhelming workload… the only thing I have to think about is cleaning and gardening.

My First thought today – boy do I have a lot to clean.  After running for so long from job to job, the chance to stop and see the debris created and where things landed is insane.  After work we would just unload the truck into the shop and most things would never get touched again.   Now, it’s impossible to find a table and the floor is almost missing.  There are so many things to go through and put away or throw away – to sell or give away.  Well, it is a 3500sq ft garage and it is full.

The apartment floor needs steam cleaning something dreadful.   I dropped a few cups of coffee on the tan carpet that got nothing more than blotted and dried – the stains might never come up.  For the price of renting a good steam cleaner you can almost buy one now. Go Figure.


My second thought – memorial day is over, and tourist season has started.  Driving around here is about to be ridiculous.  You see, we live on the Delmarva Peninsula, home to Ocean City, Maryland and a bunch of other beachy resort towns.  Everyone from the big cities like Washington DC, Baltimore, and Newark come here to vacation.  While the people who live here drive a little slower, the tourists are much more aggressive and impatient drivers.  Pretty much, they suck.  There are few things worse that New Jersey and New York drivers.  They whip in and out of traffic, cutoff everyone without thought, slam on their brakes needlessly and all while acting like it’s normal to be flipped off and honked at.

You would think that because they are on vacation they’d take things a little easier, but no, if anything they seem more stressed and irritable.  *sigh*   Our Delaware DOT hasn’t helped either, they are doin huge road projects right in the middle of the tourist migration and traffic really is horrible – not Los Angeles horrible, but I actually missed a light and had to wait for the whole cycle again the other day! LOL

Happy Tuesday!


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