Making Hay while the Sun Shines

No matter how hard I try or how hard we work, I just don’t seem to get any free time.  A day off from work in nothing more than a cleaning marathon, trying to get my life in order so we can go again (and so the apartment doesn’t look like a crack head lives here)

As the days are growing longer it seems as though work is piling up. We have 4 houses to prime and finish paint in the next 45 days and a promise of 12 houses this year so far.  I think the recession is over and we’re in another economic upswing.

Thought number one — these upswings tend to be really good and only last a couple years so go for the ride and be ready for the fall.  Save you’re pennies and make sure all your ducks are in a row.  The bubble is being inflated again and it’ll only be so long before it pops.


Work is good, I can’t complain about that, but it hurts.  Longer daylight hours means Wolf and I can squeeze in more jobs and more hours.  We can finish more projects…. but trust me the baggage under my eyes is well earned.   I could use s week or two off.


My second thought, sorry I haven’t been around, working this hard cuts into my ability to coherently blog.




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One Response to “Making Hay while the Sun Shines”

  1. Missed your posts, Trina. I know what you mean about having to ride the crest of work when it’s there. We are about to win a really big job after years of slim pickins. We’ll see how long I can keep blogging daily. But I can’t say no to the money.


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