Time Off

Finally I feel like I can breathe.  I actually have nothing on my plate to worry about…. no deadlines no schedules, no overwhelming workload… the only thing I have to think about is cleaning and gardening. My First thought today – boy do I have a lot to clean.  After running for so long from […]

Another Plan

A few weeks ago we were so swamped with work and impending deadlines that we had no time for anything.  We talked to the farmer who farms our land and told him we’d have no time for a garden this year. I was really not happy with the decision.  I love gardening and I really […]

Making Hay while the Sun Shines

No matter how hard I try or how hard we work, I just don’t seem to get any free time.  A day off from work in nothing more than a cleaning marathon, trying to get my life in order so we can go again (and so the apartment doesn’t look like a crack head lives […]

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