I’m not sure how many chicken houses there are near where you live.  Here it’s a major industry.  Every spring all the houses/manure sheds get cleaned out and spread on the fields.  It stinks something dreadful.  However, this year,  I’m welcoming the smell.  After such a long and hard winter the arrive of the chicken shit is a welcome sight.

Yesterday, as we were driving home, I noticed that many of the fields were being plowed.  Something about the smell of fresh soil turned in the warm sun that smells so god, earthy, solid, live, Spring!!!

My first thought – we all made it through that terrible winter!

Sunday we took the time to actually go see our boat.  She’s been on the hard since October.  Last fall we had her pulled from the water and winterized.  We took everything off – batteries, electronics, cushions, extras bits, sails, blankets, lifelines, anything that would hold moisture, and we only visited her maybe twice over winter. 

When I got there Sunday I realized our folly.  You have to leave on at least 1 battery and a solar panel to run the bilge.  Even though she’s not in the water, we did have some awesome rain and snow storms, and the water collected in the bilge was literally floating the floorboard by about 5 inches.  The bilge holds 30 gallons of water, overflowed there was probably 75 gallons of water… nasty, stinky bilge water.

It took me 3 hours to manually pump out all the water and then scrub the high tide water line off the edges.

Now I know most of you would think that this is a terrible situation.  I found some very positive aspects.  First, even with that much water in the boat, the motor wasn’t under water.  Our motor sits up higher on motor mount blocks.  Second, as we don’t have much wood on the inside of the boat, nothing was ruined.  Our boat is simple and mostly fiberglass inside so the water sitting there didn’t hurt anything at all (except my arms running the manual pump).

My second thought – Know what the best part about Spring is?  It’s time to get ready to sail on the Chesapeake Bay 😀



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  1. Your right…as a non-boat person, I would of thought that would of been a huge problem. Good to know that everything remained unharmed…well except your muscles.

    I would also be welcoming spring except we got snow yesterday so I am not convinced it is over yet. I am so tired of the cold. Hopefully this is the last of it.

    Have a great week.


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