Crappy Monday – Awesome Week

So, another winter storm is heading this way… I know you’re jealous of our 20 and 30 something degree temperatures and the threat of blizzard condition snow tomorrow.  Yep, it’s Monday night and I’m complaining about the weather again.  I just wish spring would arrive and stay!  *sigh*  There’s always next week I suppose.

After last Monday’s “Monday from Hell” We got to spend the rest of the chilly week indoors.  Doing a little punch list on a One Year.  I’m not sure how the different states manage new homes, but here the builder has to maintain the home for a full year after closing.  So if you get nail pops, stress cracks, a squeak in the floor, or a door that won’t close, the builder sends in someone like us to fix it all around the one year mark.

The home we got to work in this week was awesome.  10 foot ceilings on the first floor, open cathedral ceilings to oak balconies with wrought iron balusters, clean, simply decorated.  We had nail pops to repair and some trim to re-caulk, then we had to repaint every wall we repaired.  

Did I mention the house was clean?  Like, you could seriously eat off the floors clean.  And with their style of decorating we didn’t have to remove but 2 pictures from the walls and there was very, very little furniture to be moved.  I can’t explain how awesome it is to be able to do our job in that kind of environment.  It’s easier for us to keep everything clean and neat  and do our job efficiently.  After all, the cost for this one year comes out of the builder’s pocket not the homeowner’s.

My first  thought this week, if only everyone who had to have their house worked on understood the importance of us coming into a clean house with little or no furniture where the work has to be done.  If we walk in and there’s trinkets everywhere and we have to do sheetrock repair, well, it’s not pretty.  The dust, no matter what we do, will float in the air and land on all those trinkets.  If there’s furniture to be moved, we spend valuable repair time moving all the furniture and then putting it back when we’re done, not to mention there’s more to be covered and protected from the construction debris or paint splatter created while we’re working.

Which leads me to my next thought.  I love when people trust me.  And I would never do anything to break that trust.  I like when people are comfortable enough to run errands and leave me in their house to work with a worry.  There’s no need to pull up a chair and watch what I’m doing, it just makes me nervous and I feel like I have to engage you in conversation most of the day.

Last weeks house was awesome.  The homeowner even said “I don’t even think about you guys. You do great work and I know you’re not doing anything but working the whole time you’re here.”  No pulling up the chair, they left us alone to do our job. They came in occasionally to see if we needed anything or to ask a few questions about how we were correcting things or to see if they could help us with anything.  Less stress, better job, and more work was accomplished with the time we had to work with.

And that’s how a crappy Monday redeems itself… well that and the amazing cookies the lady of the house  made for us to take home.




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3 Responses to “Crappy Monday – Awesome Week”

  1. Cookies!!! Sounds good…lol! I always love the work you guys do on houses and stuff. Even though I’ve only seen your work in pictures, it always looks like excellent quality. And I’m sure it is, especially with the pride you have in sharing the work. Awesome!

    Have a great week…I wish winter would just hibernate!

  2. I underdstand your frustration with the weather. It snowed here yesterday before it started heading your way. We are running 20 degrees under the norm. It needs to stop it..right now.

    In Texas they had the one year “pick list”. Here some builders promise that but I haven’t actually talked to any homeowners that confirm that it happens.

    I think that says something about you when people leave while you work. I always leave because it just makes it easier for people to work and for me not to be in the way BUT I have left my house with some really skeazy looking characters in it. I am not overly protective of my “stuff” and only once had a problem. With that being said, my house is pretty tidy and I don’t keep personal things or valuable things just laying out either.

    Hopefully, the warm weather is just around the corner and we can all get on with enjoying the REAL Spring.


  3. We’re here in AZ and from my TST post, you know it’s been a crazy week. It’s starting to heat up here (86 today), too. There’s a couple across the street from us who have a lot of work done on their house. He follows the workers around, talking to them and asking questions while they work. It would drive me nuts.

    I’m with you … customer trust is the best.


    PS – I must be getting old. It took me two times to get your Captcha right. Damn word problems 🙂

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