Happy Saint Patricks Day 2014!

It’s Monday night and my first thought this evening is simple.  I hope you wore green today and if you didn’t I really hope you got pinched!  LOL


It’s been a long day.  It snow here again.  Yes, it is Spring and it’s the middle of March, there really shouldn’t be any snow.  However, Mother Nature thought it would be great to tease us with 70 degree temperatures on Saturday and 6-8 inches of snow Sunday night into Monday morning.  And sure, the weather man said it would stop snowing with no further accumulation around 10am Monday and he was wrong – it snowed all day.

By the end of the day I had squishy feet and frozen fingers and toes.  When we finally got home lighting the fire and taking a nice warm shower were all that was on my mind.

I’m ready for the REAL Spring to start… you know average temperatures of 60 degrees and lots of sun.  Lots of Sun.  I need to lay in the sun and become less translucent.  I feel like I just need to warm my soul.

Thinking of laying down, it’s bedtime.  Today on the job was excruciating to say the least, we ended up in the crawlspace sistering up floor joists that were literally broken in half.  We’re not sure of the cause of the breakage, but one can speculate that a large water bed might have been the culprit, there was evidence of water damage in the old floor joist and I can’t think of anything else heavy enough in one bedroom to break 6 floor joist clean in half.

So, yeah, my day was spent getting wet and crawling in crawlspace crap (insulation, mud, old remodeling debris, new remodeling debris, and spiders complete with webs) followed by getting wetter as I tromped through the mushy, sloppy snowy mess.

I hope your day was warmer 😉


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2 Responses to “Happy Saint Patricks Day 2014!”

  1. We had the same weather a few days ago..it left here headed your way. The snow only lasted one day and the temps went back up some. Still colder than normal.

    That sounds miserable having to work down in the crawl space repairing the joists. I am surprised that the weight of a waterbed would do that amount of damage. I realize they are heavy but the weight would be spread out over all the joists. Crazy…it’s lucky that the darn thing just didn’t crash through the floor.

    Hope it warms up there. That has to make a hard job even harder when your cold.

    Take care!


  2. Hi, Trina –

    Sometimes, when I read your posts I envy your life. This isn’t one of those times. It was seventy five here today and I spent the day working in the park. I hope your weather warms up soon.


    P.S. – I forgot all about St. Patrick’s Day until Muri made corned beef and cabbage for dinner. Didn’t get pinched though.

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