Catching Up

I just realized I haven’t posted since December!  Talk about falling off the face of the web!

Well, just to bring you a little up on things since then:

There was a car accident – Old Blue Died, the jolt of the accident was just enough to give her tranny seal the final shove over the edge, She now needs a transmission job and can’t be driven (Hopefully to be fixed in Spring)

The car accident was a hit and run – they pulled out in front of me, I hit them, they took off.  Insurance is being taken care of by uninsured motorists. (Oh Joy, Lucky me!)

There was hacking- The hackers gave me a great run for my money, hacking and sending mass emails from pages that don’t email.  My new server hosts didn’t just fix the problem, they simply shut off my sites and let me figure it out on my own BLEH!

Due to the car accident we’ve spent a LOT of time going to doctors.  Wolf has issues too, but that’s for him to share if he chooses.  I on the other hand ended up with a herniated disk, a torn disk, and a bulging disk all in my lower back.  For the last few months sitting has been hell.  The car ride to work (1 hour minimum) has been unbearable.  I’ve had Chiropractor adjustments, massages, drugs, and now am in physical therapy.  Good new is I am starting to feel better – the pain is slowly subsiding and I’m no longer having mental breakdowns about how useless the pain makes me feel.  In our line of work, back problems are a problem.

There was the replacement of Old Blue with the VooDoo truck.  The guys finally figured it out after replacing every module known to man on the beast.  Followed by new U-joints and (a couple days ago) a new water pump.  Good news is she runs and gets us from A to B.  Bad news – she’s ugly as poop and Wolf drives her like a bat out of hell and we’re not getting as good gas mileage. Something about a Chevy 350 and a possi rear that brings out the 16 year old in any man.

There was the visit from family from Tennessee.  Wolf’s oldest came for a visit, he was here for work and we were working and going to the dr.’s all the time so we didn’t get to spend as much time together as we all would have liked, but any time is good time.  He arrived with moonshine… and that pretty much sums up what happened when we all got to hang out 😉

The huge paint job is finally completed.  After spending nearly 4 months there (thank you bad sheet-rockers for about a month of that) we finally finished and ended up with one Happy Customer who has a beautiful Home.

We’ve started a new remodel.  An older brick faced rancher that getting an extra bathroom, a new kitchen, tiled floors, tiled master bathroom shower, new A/c, new Electric, new plumbing, new windows, new doors, and a new paint job.  It’s a nice job and it’s much closer to home, only about a 30 minute drive.

So my first thought his week: Sorry I haven’t been around, my plate was overloaded.

Second thought: Things are getting back to normal and that feels good!






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3 Responses to “Catching Up”

  1. What a shame about the accident. What a douche of a person that would leave the scene of the accident. It pretty much says that they didn’t have insurance and your “uninsured motorist” would be sporting the bill anyway.

    Back problems…OMG that sounds awful. (BTW..just to point out a laughable typo…it says you have a bulging dick. Really? I find that hard to believe…but if it is true there are some men that want to find out how to have that happen to them.)

    That sounds like quite a remodel on the ranch style house. New kitchen, new window, new plumbing, and AC…that is some serious high cost reno.

    Hope you continue to mend. It’s nice to see you back.


  2. LMFAO! I can’t believe I didn’t see that…. HAHAHAH! Yeah.. going to fix that type’o now!


  3. Holy crap, Trina. No wonder you haven’t been around for TST. So sorry to hear you guys were hurt (apparently you’ve already had your bulging dick replaced with a disk … good move and thanks to Chery for noticing. It is good to have you back.


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