Dinner and a Song

After work everyday I’m just plumb exhausted.  So dinner options are a little slim.. eat out or starve.  So we’ve been eating out for dinner.

There’s a diner here.  A local, everything is handmade, clean, simple, hometown diner.  We go there so often the waitresses ask us about our latest projects and they really love it when they see pictures.  They ask us questions about fixing up their houses, everyone is so very nice and my coffee cup is never empty.

To make eating out affordable we discovered this place.  Pretty much everything on the menu comes with a salad bar.  We eat a salad an usually after a simple salad and some bread rolls we are so full that we only have a bite or two of our dinner.  Dinner then gets boxed up and becomes tomorrow nights dinner.  By my calculations, eating like this, each full dinner is only costing us $3.25 a piece.

Anyway, last night while at the diner the waitress was talking to us and telling me that everything, all the way down to the magnificent cheesecakes they have on display, is hand made right there in the kitchen, from scratch.

My fist thought is simple. To get a homemade meal, I would have to spend all day cooking not to mention all the ingredients I would have to buy to make such a variety of meals.

My second thought this morning, as I’m making my way out of my easy chair and into the truck to head off to work, this song is stuck in my head….



Actually, the whole sound track to “O Brother Where Art Thou” has been playing on my Pandora a lot lately… I had no Idea I liked it so much LOL

Happy Holidays!



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One Response to “Dinner and a Song”

  1. I love hometown diner kind of places. My first job was working in the kitchen of one (as a high schooler) and everything is made from scratch.

    With the cost of food going up, I doubt that a person could afford to cook an equally hearty or tasty meal for $3.25 or anywhere close to that.

    I have that sound track as well. I love the bluegrass sound with the gospel songs.

    Have a great week.


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