Christmas Spirit on the Jobsite

New Traditions are cool things, this year we started a new one with Little Man – going to a tree farm and cutting down the perfect Christmas tree.  Nope, no fake trees for him and his dad!

The tree they picked out was too big for the house so the top couple feet was trimmed.  I decided to take that part home for my Charlie Brown Tree… you know:

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

It was going to be the classic branch with one red bulb.  We got home late and I left the tree in Old Blue for the evening, fully intending to take it out in the morning.  I didn’t.

Then while on the job Friday, a comment was made about having this house done before Christmas.  For a top quality custom job, with every trade working on all the creative details, it’ll be January.  Then while walking past my truck one of the guys sees my tree and brings it in.  Collectively we all proceed to mount the tree on a sample piece of the bamboo floor, put on paper rings (blue tape), hang ribbon (packing material) and even put a star on the top (handmade of course).  The homeowner comes in at the end of the day, after everyone adds a few touches, and she loves it!  We all had a laugh and then she took pictures to share.

My first thought this evening, a few days later — Yep, the Christmas spirit is definitely here.

Monday morning rolls around, we’re out the door and headed to the job early.  We get there and three beautifully wrapped presents are under the tree.  While having a look around and making a plan of attack for the week we see a card and a tin on our scaffold with our names one it.

The homeowner loved our tree so much that she talked about it all weekend and wanted to thank us.  I open the tin and it’s fun of fudge, magic cookies, and Reeces cookies…

 Jobsite Christmas Tree

Christmas Goodies

Second thought — Simple things, that’s what it’s all about.

Happy Holidays!




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2 Responses to “Christmas Spirit on the Jobsite”

  1. What a great story. Very sweet…in more ways than one. I wish everyone could find that type of spirit all year long. BTW..those cookies look awesome…ymmm


  2. I loved the fudge!


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