Dinner and a Song

After work everyday I’m just plumb exhausted.  So dinner options are a little slim.. eat out or starve.  So we’ve been eating out for dinner. There’s a diner here.  A local, everything is handmade, clean, simple, hometown diner.  We go there so often the waitresses ask us about our latest projects and they really love […]

Christmas Spirit on the Jobsite

New Traditions are cool things, this year we started a new one with Little Man – going to a tree farm and cutting down the perfect Christmas tree.  Nope, no fake trees for him and his dad! The tree they picked out was too big for the house so the top couple feet was trimmed.  […]

Early to Bed, Early to Rise

Sitting here by the fireplace, sipping a rum and coke, life is still good. Sure work is hard, but it’s satisfying.  When we finished up with all the Thanksgiving festivities Wolf and I looked at each other… Now what?  So we decided to work while everyone else took time off.  It was a great chance […]

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