From Zombies to Turkeys

The last few weeks have gone by in a flash.  When you’re working hard or playing hard time seems to fly.  All of the sudden Halloween is over and Thanksgiving is on it’s way.  Next thing you know it’ll be New Years and 2014 will have begun. 

Halloween was nice, little man was a zombie doctor and this was the first year he walked up to the houses himself to Trick or Treat.  I remember last year, we had to carry him after a short time because he was tired of walking and scared of all the monsters.  This year we stepped out of the car and a little guy in a Scooby Doo costume freaked out and was worried about how the zombie would bite him. We reassured the little guy but he was very apprehensive and insisted on hanging back until we were far ahead of him and his momma. 

My first thought today – Ah, to be a little kid experiencing Halloween all over again.  People filling my bag with candy, sneaking a piece when no one is looking, running from house to house with the crowds of other dressed up kids. 


Little man won second place in the town Costume Contest.  We thought it was pretty cool.  His Zombie Doctor costume was awesome, but he was beat by the Swamp Monster.  Wolf and I told him that next year he’d win first place, but he said “It’s ok, the swamp monster is my cousin and he can win first place”


I can’t help but brag though, Little man and his dad looked awesome! And yes, I’m biased, he should have won first place LOL

I’m off to work, coffee in hand, heading into the frozen wasteland that is home right now.  My second thought – From Zombies to Turkeys, Thanksgiving is coming!  Time for homemade pies, cookies and being thankful for moments like these while Little man is still little 🙂


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3 Responses to “From Zombies to Turkeys”

  1. Those costumes are awesome. Yikes, I can see why someone would do a double take.

    Yes, how quickly the cold weather is coming in. I look forward to all the good food associated with Thanksgiving but I am trying to hang on the moderate fall temps for as long as possible.

    Have a great week.


  2. Oh, do I ever have fond memories of taking my kids around trick or treating. “The little man” looked great … who came up with the idea for a zombie doctor, anyway? I’m going to see my grandkids at Thanksgiving for the first time in months, so I can’t wait, even if I have to put up with their parents. Just kidding. Sort of.

    Fun post. Click,

  3. Bud,

    The idea would have been Little Man’s. He’s really into zombies LOL Zombie Movies, zombie cartoons, Plant vs Zombies game App, Rob Zombie, White Zombie… He likes to tell me that his other grandparents don’t let him watch zombie stuff cause it’s too scary but that he knows zombies aren’t real so he’s not scared.


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