A Tennessee Wedding

Saturday was the wedding.  It was beautiful.  The blushing bride was gorgeous, the groom was proud, the church on the mountain side was perfect, and the weather couldn’t have been better.

Lots of friends and family made the 12 hour trek from the Eastern Shore of Maryland to Cleveland, Tennessee.  Many of us chose to pop a tent and sleep at their new home, a partially wooded 6 acre side of a mountain.  It was a tent city there for a week LOL  With bonfires every night and some mornings, we all enjoyed ourselves.


My first thought this week, What a beautiful Bride!


The Bridal Party - a Tennessee Mountain, western themed wedding!

The Bridal Party – a Tennessee Mountain, western themed wedding!


My Second thought this week… I’m glad to be home.  That drive (12 hours each way) is hard.  No matter how many times you stop and relax, the sight of home is so very rewarding….  and so is the napping that follows 😉



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2 Responses to “A Tennessee Wedding”

  1. That sounds fun. Cute idea for a themed wedding. The weather must be warmer there to allow for a tent city….which I think is an awesome way for everyone to connect. Like a big summer camp. Love the concept.

    Happy to hear you had a safe trip and a good time.

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  2. Trina –

    I love reading about your adventures. I never heard of a wedding with camping … or of Cleveland TN, for that matter. You make my life looks so, well, conventional.


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