The Cold!

I had to light the fireplace last.  Yep. fall is here.  The Cold weather is setting in this week, the weatherman actually called for a “blustery” week – I think that’s a cross between blowing winds and wintery weather.  It means it’s going to be nasty. Wolf and I think we might be prepared, however […]

A Tennessee Wedding

Saturday was the wedding.  It was beautiful.  The blushing bride was gorgeous, the groom was proud, the church on the mountain side was perfect, and the weather couldn’t have been better. Lots of friends and family made the 12 hour trek from the Eastern Shore of Maryland to Cleveland, Tennessee.  Many of us chose to pop […]

Before and Afters

Sorry about missing last week’s TST, apparently I deactivated the captcha and was hit so hard by spammers that the site overloaded it’s server.  Go Figure.  So in advance, there is a new captcha in place, I apologize if you can’t leave a comment. That being said, I’d like to finish some thoughts… how about […]

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