Fall is in the Air

I hope you all enjoyed your long weekend.  I know  I did.  We actually slept in until 11:30 yesterday – however that took some creative black out curtaining so we wouldn’t know the sun was up. 

The only thing about a long weekend is that it never seems long enough.  By the time you get to the point where you are really relaxing, it’s time to go back to work.  Then like some freak of nature the wok week (even though it’s short) becomes a tightly packed, need to get too much done in not enough time, week.

Sitting here sipping my coffee, the clock seems to count away faster than I would like it, I still have to get all the tools organized and  loaded up in the truck and I think I might even need another shower to help me wake up completely.

My first thought this week:  I’m not sure when Fall officially starts, but the pumpkins are ready to be harvested.  We actually started picking them yesterday.  We didn’t go crazy, mostly we just set up the stand and filled a few pallets with pumpkins.  But the field is loaded.  I don’t think we grew as big a pumpkin as we did in the other field last year, but this year we used very little pesticides and mildewcides (We only hand sprayed the field maybe 3 times since planting in mid-June, last year we sprayed every week to combat the fungus, mold, and bugs). and I think we got more pumpkins in a smaller area. 

My second thought:  I can’t believe I’m saying this…  We will be staying home for the most part this winter.  No sailing to Florida for us.  So be prepared.  This winter is going to be nasty.  Farmer’s Alminac already said it’s going to be really, really cold. 

We’re actually going to pull the boat out of the water next week and put her in Dry-dock for the winter.  It’ll be nice to take some time and work on her after all the crusing we’ve done.  I’m sure there are some repairs needed – if not just a killer wash and wax.

I don’t really think we’ll last in the cold all winter, but it will be funny to watch us make a run for warmer weather in January or February.

Have a great Tuesday!



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One Response to “Fall is in the Air”

  1. Hi Trina –

    Let’s see if I can get by your CAPTCHA Code. I’m betting you get tired of the cold and bail southward sooner rather than later. And I’m with Cheryl … if you don’t, I’ll really miss your travelogue. I had to work on Monday but I’ll be taking Thursday off.


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