Old Blue Blues

Have you met Old Blue?  She’s our retired farm truck resurrected into a work truck.  She’s a 1995 with 125,000 miles, four wheel drive, straight 6 engine, nothing fancy. 


Old Blue - 1995 Ford F150

Old Blue – 1995 Ford F150


Well, Old Blue needed tires really bad for a while now, on the way to work I’ve been stopping at the used tire store and simply replacing the flat one with a not-so-flat one.  My thinking was this: Old Blue needs an alignment really bad why would I put new tires on her when she’s just going to eat the tires right off?  Plus at $150 or more per tire who really wants to ruin $600 in tires? 

Now Old Blue has a pretty bad history, Wolf’s middle son (the hellion of the kids if you will) was bought Old Blue as his first truck when he was a Junior in High School.  After some known instances of mudding in a pig farm and sinking her in ponds over the hood and one flash flood resulting in the “salvage” title, she’s needed to be babied.  The transmission grinds, the power steering howls, and motor lacks oomf.  But She’s always been trusty and got us where we need to be.  The family joke of not talking about Blue in front of her (voodoo I assure you) and not replacing or cleaning unless absolutely necessary for fear of breaking other things, has been going on for years.

We have a job coming up that’s 75 miles one way.  The neighbor had a set of used tires in really good condition that would fit Old Blue so me in my brilliance negotiated for the tires and then took a day off to put on the new tires and have her aligned.

My Mistake.  Should have kept chasing the flat.

While putting the tires on one of the guys at Sears must have bumped the brake line which started leaking and later crumbled in Wolf’s hand and had to be completely replaced (We didn’t find out about the break line until after I drove her home, to work, and then back from work on the free way – glad the line held on for a moment longer).  The alignment can’t be done until the gear box, the pitman arm, the drag arm, and the inner and outer wheel bearings on the front tires are replaced.  Also, my brake pads need replacing and the rotors aren’t far behind. 


And since the new tires have been put on I was in a hurry to get all that replaced so I could get the alignment done, but now Blue dies when I put her in reverse without putting her in park first.  So it’s time to problem shoot that too… suppose we’ll start with a tune up – spark plugs, plug wires, rotor button, oil change, air filter, etc…

And to top it all off, Wolf scrubbed the inside, power washed her and waxed her this weekend while I was out of commission (my damn back is out again), so really, her engine should blow up today.

Thought #1:  I remember why we used to have new trucks all the time.  It’s called a warranty and road side assistance.

Thought #2:  Even with all the parts I have to buy right now to complete a tune up and get the alignment done, I will still spend less money than one of the truck payments we used to make.  So as long as the transmission and motor hold out for a few months, I think we’ll be ok.


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6 Responses to “Old Blue Blues”

  1. Hmm…I wish I could say something intelligent but I don’t know much about auto mechanics. But your post kind of makes me think how sometimes, I think it’s really cool to have a vehicle for really long. But then again, when the vehicle gets really old, there’s a lot more maintenance involved to make me think how badly do I want to have to pay for a new vehicle…or do I just pay for the repairs on the old one? Yeah…

    Anyway, hope you’re feeling much better this week! Have a great week ahead!!! (Click!)

  2. OMG…I was so impressed that it was still running…on a salvage title yet. I can’t believe that Old Blue has even been submerged and continued to run.

    I swear that is the way…you take it in and it comes back with something broken. I am such a cynic.

    Hope you get all the things working and Old Blue keeps going for awhile longer.

    Loved the story…fun post.


    BTW I did a post and forgot to put it on the Blogdumps page until just awhile ago.

  3. I neither drive a car nor plan it, but I heartily rejoice for your blue and wish you the best.

  4. Tomas, Thank you 🙂

  5. Muri and I keep cars for ever and when we’re done with them, we give them to our son (still a bit of a hellion in his thirties) and he finishes them off. So I knew, the minute you started talking about new tires and alignment what would happen. But Old Blue has the look of a classic.


  6. Bud, That’s the hardest part, Old Blue still looks so good!

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