To Mars and Beyond!

I hope all you Fathers out there had a nice father’s day!

My thoughts this week are a little far off… as in Space Travel.  I’m sure most of you have heard about the one way ticket to Mars:

“A Dutch company called Mars One began looking Monday for volunteer astronauts to fly to Mars. Departure for the Red Planet is scheduled for 2022, landing seven months later in 2023.”

My first thought… Why in the Hell would you want to go to Mars?  There’s no trees, no water, no proper air, not enough people, no shopping, no family, no friends.  I read that over 72,000 people have already applied to leave our Earth to go to Mars.  72,000 people are ready to up and leave knowing they’ll never be coming back.  Let’s see… yep I’m not one of those people, but you can go to the Mars One website and see videos of people who have applied.  Surprisingly the first few I watched, the people seemed normal = well more normal than I expected – it’s still hard to believe that they’re all ready to give up everything.


My second thought… What a load of crap.  They’re website is getting tons of traffic, they’re selling shirts and mugs, obtaining more sponsors.  Chances are IMO no one is going to Mars.  In a few years everyone will realize what a huge scam this was and be told about some huge waste of money or mismanagement… that the rocket was never built or maybe how they didn’t get enough sponsors to send anyone to Mars (only enough for everyone in the company to be multimillionaires).

I hate sounding so terribly cynical, but really?  We’ve been talking about sending people to Mars since I was in like 2nd grade.  I remember the poster on my science teachers wall about sending people to Mars, The Red Planet.  Don’t you think there’s a reason NASA never finished their plan to go to Mars?

Well, what ever the story, whether I’m proved right or wrong, I will not be going to Mars.  I will not be applying.  There’s nothing there that even peaks my interest!  I’m staying on Earth where I can walk outside and breathe or go to the beach and go swimming.  Where food is grow everywhere and doesn’t have to come out of some MRE package.  Where my family and friends are.

So given the chance for a legitimate opportunity, would You go to Mars- knowing you can’t come back?

Happy Tuesday!


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2 Responses to “To Mars and Beyond!”

  1. I am totally with you on this. Why would anyone sign up for such an idiotic venture. At least when we were kids and people talked about going to Mars, there was the thought that there was life up there. Now we see the pictures and it looks like a huge wasteland. Totally shocking that 72,000 people would be signing up for it. Probably signing up thinking it will never actually happen but they can tell their friends they have volunteered. So…really…it’s more about fodder for conversation.

    Nothing peaks my interest about flying off into space. I moved to Kansas to be near family. I certainly don’t want to be on another planet.

  2. Trina –

    I don’t think you’re cynical at all. After all, have ever heard anything about a DUTCH satellite? A DUTCH trip to the moon? Nope. I don’t think I’d be signing up for Dutch space travel.


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