All Work and No Play

Have you ever gotten that call, you know the one, for another adventure… well, it happened.  The phone rang a few days ago, it was our buddy fromt eh Mexico trip a few years ago.  He’s in Cabo San Lucas and it’s time to make the Baja Bash north from Cabo to San Deigo and could we make it to Cabo to crew the boat?

Right off the bat I started checking plane tickets… then looking at my schedule…. then my work load…. and then reality struck.  We really just got back from our winter adventure and work just got started again – we really could maybe squeeze in a 2 week adventure.  But the Baja Bash is a two week trip in perfect weather and there’s really no such thing as perfect weather when you’re sailing with deadlines.  Last time we made the Baja Bash it took 5 weeks, we fought weather and seas for days on end, finding places to hide until the storm passed and setting sail again to beat the next storm.

So here I am, sitting in the easy chair drinking a cup of hot tea, listening to the rain on our metal roof, thinking about how we turned the trip down, and getting ready to go to work.

And my first thought this Top Sites Tuesday #202.  I can’t believe we turned it down.  I could be in sunny, warm Cabo san Lucas right now having a Pacifico on the beach in my cami and shorts. Enjoying the sun shining.  Watching the locals sell their wares.  Seeing the whales.  Looking forward to lobster for dinner and maybe a round of dancing.  But noooooo.  I’m sitting at my computer, sipping my tea, fully dressed with a blanket in my lap cause it’s still freaking cold, listening to the rain.  I can think about it logically al I want, but right now all I want to do is see this again:

cabo cabo2 cabo3


And it just sucks.  Because if I threw everything to the wind and dropped all my responsibilities and didn’t care about work, we could be there *sigh*


As it stands, I’ll be working in the shop today.  I have to sand the floor of a 16 foot Carolina Skiff, patch the cracks and paint the floor, console and side rails with a marine epoxy paint.  Then we’ll be taking the boat off the trailer, touching up all the dings in the gel coat, buffing the gel coat and painting new bottom paint.  Should be done in a couple days and we’ll be posting the picture on our Facebook page.

Thought #2 – Working on a boat on land… it’s just a slap in the face right now.




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3 Responses to “All Work and No Play”

  1. Oh well – I’m sure an opportunity like that will come again! If not, you’ll probably have just as great a time on your next voyage! 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing the update on your boat! You guys always do an awesome job on the projects you work on!!!

  2. What a shame “real” life gets in the way of living. I am in such a mood to travel right now but responsibliities keep me tethered to my home as well. Sigh…

    I cling to the fact there are adventures to be had in the future…just not today.

    Have a great week and hope that the weather turns around.


  3. Hi, Trina –

    What would happen if we all dropped our work and went off on adventures? We’d probably all be a lot happier … or broke.


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