TST #194 Two Thoughts on Tuesday



It’s been a fun ride and we’ve only got 181.1 miles to Norfolk, Virginia, and then another 200 up the Chesapeake Bay to Cambridge, Maryland.  We’re in a town called Oriental, North Carolina.  The place is really cool – it’s a sailor’s town.  The whole town is geared towards sailors and inhabited by sailors… My only complaint is that in a town called “Oriental” decorated with Chinese dragons, there’s no Chinese takeout 🙁

We were in Southport, North Carolina, last week.  I always enjoy our stay there, it was a sleepy little town right out of a Norman Rockwell painting.  But it’s sleepy no more thanks to the new movie “Safe Haven” based on a Nicolas Sparks book.  Our favorite restaurant, where there never a wait to be seated, was a 1.5 hour wait.   The other restaurants were a 45 minute wait.  There was no parking anywhere.

 The movie did wonders for the economy of this little town.  So my thought #1 this week is It’s surprising how a movie can help the economy of a town for the better Well, better for the town anyway.  The little deli where we used to buy a couple pounds of lunch meat for the road was sold out and our restaurant, Fishy Fishy, was so packed that what is usually a quiet, lovely place to eat was elbow to elbow with customers and sold out of a few thing too.  Oh well!

Thought #2 this week, completely unrelated, It’s raining so were going to be spending most of the day inside watching movies and eating munchies.  Can you think of a better thing to do on a rainy day?

Oh yeah, while we’re in the town of Oriental, you can check out the Harbor Cam on TownDock.net and see our little boat sitting on the dock (we’re the sail boat with the blue sail cover) You can look at the other cams too and see the harbor, the river, etc of this little town we like to call Pleasantville 🙂


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3 Responses to “TST #194 Two Thoughts on Tuesday”

  1. Yes, that is surprising what movies can do for the cities or towns that are depicted in them. Must be why they try to entice movie makers to film in their towns…but I suppose it’s only good when they actually keep the name of the town and not pretend it’s some other place. You know what I mean?

    Anyway, sitting in watching movies sounds good to me…I had a Vampire Diaries marathon the other day. Hehehe…

    Have a great time! Click! 🙂

  2. It is amazing when a town is used for a movie location how the economy booms. Every once in a while a movie comes to the KC area and brings some economic impact. I can see where those charming maritime kind of towns would be perfect for movie locations. While it sucks about the lines and such, I guess the city is thrilled at the money influx.

    That sounds like a lovely day. I adore staying in on rainy days and just chillin.

    Travel safe again this week…


  3. Hi, Trina –

    Some years ago there was a movie, Mystic Pizza, that did the same thing for a pizza place in the town of Mystic Connecticut, which isn’t too far from where I was born. The excitement lasted a few years, and then it was back to being “just a pizza place.”

    Safe sailing,

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