TST #192 Two Thoughts on Tuesday

We visited Cumberland Island this week.  For us, there’s an anchorage just west and north of the Sea Ranger Station.  We dinghied to the dingy dock and walked to the beach.  We were lucky to get there at absolute low tide, the sea shells were fabulous.  We gather so many conch shells we stopped picking them up.  From the beach you walk through the marsh on a boardwalk, getting a look across the beautiful marshes.   Then at the end of the Boardwalk you continue along a path to Dungeoness. The ruins of Dungeoness are remarkable. 

Dungeoness Ruins Dungeoness Ruins Dungeoness Ruins Dungeoness Ruins




We would have stayed a few days longer but there was a storm coming.  We looked at the charts and our anchorage guide books and decided to head in for protection in Saint Marys, Georgia.  Once we were safely docked and ready for the stom we decided to walk the town.  The dock master said that there was a lot of history and that the town was nice and quiet.


So we were Walking through Saint Marys, Georgia, and we’re making our way along the water front when we see this:

No Profanity


So thought #1 today is this:  What is Profanity today?

Do we judge profanity by what is able to be said on the radio or TV?  By what would turn our grandmother’s ears a little red?  By what we hear walking through a school?  Definitely can’t judge profanity by what’s used by sailors (few words are of limits)

I’m assuming that the F-bomb is off limits, few people seem to yell that one often in public and it’s still bleeped out on TV.  But does that leave everything else up for use?

My thought #2 are there so many people with foul mouths here that this sign is needed or are the visitors an touristsso obnoxious that the locals want to keep their park clear of noise pollution?

Well, the sun finally came out and we’re setting sail tomorrow morning heading North freeze!  So I’m getting off the boat to enjoy the day!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!


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2 Responses to “TST #192 Two Thoughts on Tuesday”

  1. Had to stop a bit and Wikipedia Dungeoness Ruins. I wasn’t familiar with it. Wow a lot of history there.

    That sign is hysterical. I am pretty sure there are areas that the F word wouldn’t be considered profane. I mean now that Pink sings F’in Perfect on the radio. Even the stations that use the edited version you can still tell what the song’s original lyrics were. My point is that words that were once so crass are fairly common place. So as far as the sign goes, what indeed would be considered profane. And if a person stood there saying Oh shit or something similar…what would happen to them???

    The people of St. Mary’s have a lot of don’t’s don’t they? They’re town looks totally charming. I am relatively certain I could visit and manage not to be profane.


  2. Great pictures … and a great question that I’d never considered. When I grew up, I think there was just as much profanity (meaning all the standard words) but people were selective about where and when they used it … and in front of whom. There were certain words you didn’t use in front of women (I think there still are, but the list is shorter because women use some of the words now). Certain words weren’t used in business situations … that is still true in more traditional states. All in all, I think the language is damaged by people resorting to profanity when a real word might do … and profanity is weakened because saying *&^$&$ no longer gets across the ponit that “I really mean this.”


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