TST #191 Two Thoughts on Tuesday

It’s so very hard to think of thing to write about this morning.  I don’t watch enough news to share my point of view about anything and I haven’t heard any new songs to share.  My life is this trip lately – the boat, the places we stop and visit, the places we just anchor and watch the sunrises and sunsets.

Ah ha! A thought.  Just so you all know, if my boat breaks down we will not be walking in raw sewage or being helpless to take care of ourselves and lounging on deck waiting for rescue.  We’ll be taking action to resolve the situation. I won’t be on TV after the fact taking about suing, knowing that I knew the risk when I stepped on the boat.  Heck we wouldn’t even make it to the news, our story would be too small LOL. 

The dumbest part is that I saw the cause of the fire on the carnival cruise line was a leaky gas hose.  We check all our hoses and fluids every day, sometimes twice a day.  But of course, we don’t have a motor that’s powering a 17 story building either. 

So thought #1 this week: sometimes being self sufficient and on a smaller boat has it’s advantages.

Thought #2 it’s time to set sail once again.  Saint Augustine is nice and it’s hard to leave.  They only charge $20 a day to be on a mooring here and they have a water taxi that come to pick you up.  But after 4 days we’ve seen enough for now and we’re thinking about heading to Salt Run and anchoring in front of the Saint Augustine light house.

Happy Tuesday! –Trina

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3 Responses to “TST #191 Two Thoughts on Tuesday”

  1. I have been following the Carnival cruise debacle and have some mixed emotions as I listen to the now debarked passengers interviews. . Who knows…maybe when the research is done, it will be apparent that Carnival was negligent and I won’t feel bad for them in the slightest.
    I think you made a great point though. The minute someone gets on a boat, even a huge ship kind of a boat, there can be breakdowns. It’s a machine. I would hate having my vacation ruined and be disappointed that things weren’t more organized etc. But suing for large amounts of money doesn’t subtract the experience.

    I have taken Carnival cruises and they always went well….but this one bad one might be their undoing.

    On a different note. Glad things are going well for you. Have a fun week and safe travel.


  2. Love that thought #1! Plus I think it’s more fun to have the freedom to take your boat wherever you want to anyway!

    Happy sailing again!!

    P.S. I didn’t post for TST this week but I’ll try to join next time! 🙂


  3. I’ve cruised a few times with my wife and we’ve loved it but the Carnival story certainly gives us pause. But I’d never get my wife on a small boat either. maybe we’ll take the bus 🙂


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