Are we really doing this?  Are we really going north?!?!  Isn’t it really cold up there?!?!


Yep –


And It’s perfect timing.  Most of my constant readers know that I’m an attractant of everything that bites, like mosquitos and no see ums and biting midges and sand fleas….  Oh yeah, despite the freakishly perfect weather in a really nice place, the bugs starting eating me alive. It’s too warm and dry here and the bugs don’t die off, they come out around sunrise and sunset everyday.   And when being bitten ruins the two most spectacular parts of the day, you move.

Dolphins in Vero Beach Lagoon - an afternoon

Dolphins in Vero Beach Lagoon – an afternoon

So thought #1 this week, when do we stop again?

We were looking at different stops ahead, the first one being Annie the Dragon a 20 cement dragon on Dragon Point near Merrit Island, FL.  She has a really neat history, but there’s nothing much left to see…. and the Wind was blowing perfectly so we didn’t stop.

We’re anchored next to NASA causeway bridge and looking East, I can see the space launch pad.  I’ll bet that was an amazing sight to see.

Cape Canaveral Sunset

And today there isn’t a perfect wind so maybe we’ll stop today – with no wind a day does have it’s boring spots.


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2 Responses to “North!?!”

  1. Interesting…I don’t think I ever saw Annie the Dragon when I lived in that part of Florida (~17 years ago). Is it a new thing? Or maybe I just didn’t pay attention to it much because I didn’t really like driving over the bridge to get to Merritt Island. That bridge kinda made me nervous…

    Hey, have a great rest of the week!!! Click (for the cool dolphins!!!)


  2. Trina –

    Love the pictures, especially the sunset over the launch pad. It looks like a scene from Star Trek.


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