Photo Tuesday

Not really as easy as I thought it would be.  I’ve been thinking all week about what photo or photos I want to post for today.  Then the thought occurred to me, there are a few pictures that I’ve seen that have changed the way I see things and think about things and I want to share them with you.  Sorry to be sad, but it is raining outside (again)

Shoes and Clothes from the Holocaust

Auschwitz suitcases from the victims brought to the concentration camp.

Piles of eyeglasses from victims. I've always wondered how many people suffered concidering that more people don't wear glasses than do - I wear glasses and I just find this photo haunting.

Prosthetic devices from Auschwitz - Need I say more?

The vulture is waiting for this poor child to die in Darfur... I remember reading the article the photographer wrote saying something to the effect that so many children are dying that this one couldn't even be saved.

The vulture is waiting for this poor child to die in Darfur... I remember reading the article the photographer wrote saying something to the effect that so many children are dying that this one couldn't be saved - Sort of like the starfish on the shore, it would have made a difference to this one.

I pulled up a picture of a dog that was victim to animal cruelty, but I couldn’t bring myself to post it.  As a pet lover I will never understand what people are thinking when they do this to their dogs.  To me, these people are more than capable of committing murder and should be locked up – permanently.  There is no excuse and there should be no pardon.

I’m sorry if the pictures I chose we too graphic, but they are supposed to be seen.  To often people forget about the crimes of yesterday and overlook the crimes of today.  What’s going on in Darfur is another totally unacceptable crime.  Instead of going to other countries for war, why didn’t we go to enforce peace and help the helpless?



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6 Responses to “Photo Tuesday”

  1. I am heartened and comforted that we have young people like you, Trina, who would rather go do good in a peaceful manner, helping those who are beyond helping themselves. The photographs are sobering, of course, but too many of us want to be ostriches with heads in the sand…”if we don’t see it/if it doesn’t involve us it doesn’t exist”. Good for you!

    As to the dog pic you couldn’t post…mostly your comments. Something HAS to be done about this heinous cruelty. A maximum of a three year sentence is nothing…they’ll walk in six months and, in my opinion, anyone who can ill-treat an animal in such a way could do three years as a walk, no problem. That law…animal rights laws HAVE to be changed.

    Great post, girl! Click-click!

  2. Wow, I agree we should not forget the crimes of the past or overlook the ones happening today. The Holocaust is one of the most gruesome. I think allot more people died than they have said. There were just too many remnants of them left behind.

    As for Darfur – well don’t get me started. That one is so horrible.

    Here is your click …………

    Love and Blessings,

  3. So let me see if I understand this: You’ll post a picture of a dying child – people in the advocacy community call such photos “humanitarian pornography,” by the way – but the photo of the abused dog was too much?! This makes me question your priorities, but it also reminds me of something: There was a study a while ago that found that people have a greater emotional response to photos of animals (abused animals or cute animals) than to photos of human suffering. The joke among Darfur advocates was that we shouldn’t show pictures of Darfuris, but rather we should show pictures of puppies when talking about Darfur and maybe that would get people to care about the issue. The crisis has gone on for 5 years now. Maybe we should have used puppies.

  4. OUCH!

    Thank you for pointing out the error in my thinking. You are totally right. I suppose we are so used to seeing these kind of genocide photos that while they evoke feelings of rage they just don’t hit home for us pet lovers.

    I have never seen a child dying of starvation (anywhere but on the net and on TV) – it’s just unimaginable, but I can imagine my Woofy in the wrong hands.

    Once again, thank you. I feel horrible.

  5. Forgive me for adding my 2 cents worth to the last two comments but, on the one hand Lana seemed to be critical of the Darfur tot photograph being shown while the cruelty to the dog was not yet suggesting “maybe pics of puppies should have been used” to elicit more support for Darfur?? Does she think the pics of the child should be published or not…does she then believe the pic of the dog should have been? It’s not clear. For years we’ve had the starvation of Ethiopians…used to be those stark pics made the headlines which served to get organizations rallying to help that cause. Darfur has taken it’s place and little is heard…let alone seen…of the crisis in Ethiopia (although the deaths…and the work…continue). IMO the global society needs to see those pictures to bring home man’s inhumanity to man. Trina made the point when she stated ” Instead of going to other countries for war, why didn’t we go to enforce peace and help the helpless?” On the other hand much less care about animal welfare and humanity…THOSE pics, for too many, are only a curiosity but there are those sick minds out there…in our own country…for which they could be a catalyst to do likewise to the next door neighbours cat/dog just for kicks. In THIS country people do these things…we don’t have a leadership which purposely creates internal strife to kill, maim or starve thousands of our fellow man/woman as in Darfur but we do have sickos who commit senseless, heinous acts against animals because few care. They can pour gasoline over a dog and set it alight…”just for fun” knowing at best it might be a storm in a teacup, nobody’s going to send the squads out into the streets to find them and, if by chance they ARE caught the consequences are neglible so why further stir those who would do such a thing. On the one hand we have a pic which plainly says “STOP this!”…forget war and strife, let’s get in there and do something positive and people will…do…care when they see such photographs. For the dog…unfortunately not enough would even care to look at it and if they did, brush it off while others it gives ideas. I suspect that if Trina had published the pic of the dog and not the poor child in Darfur that would have brought protests. Some situations you can never win, Trina. I don’t think you need to feel horrible and I’m not seeing any error in your thinking. Perhaps Lana can clarify whether or not she didn’t think the Darfur photo should have been shown at all?

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