100 things about me

I thought I’d do a 100 things about me post, looks to be quite a challenge:

1. I am the oldest of many children… my mom had 6 babies and I didn’t know my father well so oldest of many is good enough
2. I’m 31 (in 2011) years old
3. I hate Walmart – the lines – the cashiers- their dumb policies
4. I have curly hair that I have discovered how to straighten, straight hair is so easy to manage but straightening every day is a pain in the ass
5. I’m blind, no not totally but I have computer glasses and driving glasses and reading glasses. Truthfully, the eye doctor said my computer is making me blind.
6. I am self employed so I am always working
7. I talk a lot. I’m not a blabbermouth, but I really like to talk to people.
8. I really enjoy a glass of wine in the evenings and with my friends
9. I love Mexican beer with lime – Corona, Pacifico – but the lime has to be an actual lime, not a lime flavored beer.
10. There are 5 computers in my house… all work, we have a dead computers and parts pile at the shop.
11. I live on a Small Farm
12. I like kids.. that aren’t mine, don’t scream or cry, that I don’t have to change their diapers, and that aren’t full of DUMB Questions.
13. I like the saying from South Park “There’s no such thing as stupid questions, just stupid people.”
14. My Favorite character from South Park is Cartman. He says what he wants and has stupid schemes to make him rich or powerful and how could a kid who’s mom is his Dad not be your favorite?!?
15. I hate “teenage” or “college” comedy movies with stupid jokes
16. I watch the black and white Twilight Zone marathon every New Years… I have no idea why, but I actually look forward to it.
17. I’m dyslexic but have a weird way of remembering phone numbers – Lots of Phone Numbers
18. I went to college for Architectural Engineering
19. I can design a house, a kitchen, or a bedroom beautifully for other people but I have no concept of how to decorate my own house.
20. I love a challenge that’s within my knowledge (or close to it)
21. I once designed a remodel that a certified Architect could not do – Everyone was totally impressed when we finished building it
23. I really like to explore new places and to travel…
24. I can’t wait for my next adventure either sailing or driving or flying.. it doesn’t matter.
25. My first car was a 1966 Porsche 912 that was tomato red
26. I went to 3 different High Schools
27. I grew up in Baytown Texas but Call Seaford Delaware Home.
28. I have a wolfdog named Woofy…
29. We actually have 2 dogs, an African Grey parrot, and a Monkey-tailed Skink
30 The F*****n bird is an Idiot and never shuts up unless we have company. When he refuses to talk but instead screams an ear-piercing scream at the worst times.
31. I really enjoy old musicals… my all time favorites include Fiddler on the Roof and…. I can’t believe I’m admitting this… Cry-baby
32. Thinking of Johnny Depp, I watched him in 21 Jump Street when I was a kid and I really like the movies where he is paired up with Tim Burton in these twisted rolls that most people hate.
33. Thinking of movies, my Favorite Movie of all time is The Stand – M-O-O-N, that spells The Stand!
34. I read almost everything Steven Kings Writes.
35. My Favorite Book Series is the Gunslinger Series by Steven King… 7 long books written (and read) over a period of many years with an ending I never saw coming.
36. I am NOT Photogenic. Some people look great in Photos, I hate everyone of mine. I sometimes look like a bum or Quasi-modo or WOW I look fat.
37. I can’t believe that I’m only on 37 and I’m going for 100
38. I really like the Showtime series: Californication, Weeds, and Dexter. I was never really into watching series, but these are awesome
39. I hope that one day, the websites I built will be able to help my family – monetarily.
40. I used to never speak my mind when I should and people tended to walk all over me. Now I’m blunt and don’t ask me a question that you want an edited answer to. I tell it like it is and how I see it – if you don’t like it, sorry but I don’t have time for games or flitting around the edges when I can make my point right away
41. I like to cook for my family and friends but as time goes by the thrill of it seems to fade
42. I can make an excellent chicken enchilada or pork tenderloin
43. Life changes constantly and I’m ready for change even when I don’t see it coming.
44. I am Episcopalian on Christmas and Easter – Although I consider myself Episcopalian I stopped practicing when my family decided that they couldn’t go to church with me because the sharing of a cup at communion agitated their germ-a-fobe tendencies.
45. I hate religious people who bash other religions.
46. I am open-minded and like to learn about other religions and cultures
47. I know that the root of all problems is miscommunication and that most problems can be solved with clear and unemotional conversation or discussion about resolution instead of living on the problems and distresses of the past.
48. I had skin cancer on my knee in 2009, which resulted in 2 surgeries….
49. I have no medical insurance
50. Good thing I have great Doctors
51. I like the Idea of socialized health care. Then everyone could receive the medical care they need when they need it.
52. I’m a conservative and think that If things aren’t broken they don’t need to be fixed… does that make me a Republican?
53. It breaks my heart to see animals in pain or that have been hit by a car because they have careless owners.
54. Although I support the second amendment, but I feel that there are certain people who should not be allowed to have kids let alone a gun.
55. I really enjoy target shooting on the farm or at the range.
56. I found that because I’m blind, I’m not good at target shooting unless I have the right glasses on.
57. My favorite target pistol is a H&K and my favorite rifles are lever action cowboy style
58. I love quiet time
59. I keep in touch with my Elemantary, Middle School, and High School friends thanks to Facebook
61. Hmmm…. almost there
62. I like rock music
63. Metallica
64. Santana
65. Dave Matthews
66. I really like going to concerts..
67. I’ve seen Metallica 4 times in concert
68. I DID NOT start the fight at the Ever Last Concert in Wilmington Delaware…
69. My first rock concert was Candlebox with The Flaming Lips — oh the good ‘ol days
70. Although I normally hate country Music I really like Brooks and Dunn
71. I saw Brooks and Dunn in the Astro-dome when I was in Middle School before I realized who they were or that I liked them
72. OMG… 72! Only 28 more to go…
73. I always hoped to be a writer one day, I turned out to be a blogger instead.
74. Does that Count?
75. My favorite text lingo is MWAH! As soon as I discovered what it was (the sound of a kiss, in case you didn’t know) I use it all the time.
76. Hmmm.. what else would people want to know….
77. I taught an Aikido Class
78. I have a black Belt in Aikido
79. I enjoy martial arts and the discipline I learned from taking the many classes was priceless
80. My whole family took martial arts together… it was a kind of family therapy…
81. The people I taught in class are like family to me…
82. The people who taught me… all my teachers in everything from school to martial arts… taught me things that I will always remember and that come in handy now even if I didn’t understand them then.
83. My favorite teacher was my English/Journalism teacher in High School.
84. Live and Learn…

I can’t make it to 100.
Comment me with suggestions on what you’d like to know or what you know about me.


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  1. I love your site! You have done a great job. There is something special for you at my site. You are #2. It’s for all the help, love and support you have given to me.

    Lots of Love and Blessings,

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